What to visit on Easter weekend?

Every holiday is well known to be spend with family and friends. But the question remains the same every year. Where to spend that incredible weekend, so everyone can fell well? One example is to think about activities to include everyone like finding eggs hidden in the garden or paint eggs with different themes. But if you decide to spend the Easter weekend far away from home we’re here to give you some great ideas of unbelievable weekend.

  1. First you can visit Florence. There the most awaited moment is the Explosion of the Cart, that takes place on Easter Sunday at 10 a.m. In Piazza del Duomo. That moment has a great history and depending on the returns of the Columbina, it can tells if the year will be positive or bad. If you are there, you can pass to enjoy the Art and Culture top museums of Florence that have special openings in Easter Sunday and Monday. And you should not forget about the special and traditional treats.
  2. London can be missed those days. They have organized this year amazing events. On 13-16 April you can see the 30 sailing vessels along the Greenwich and enjoy great outdoor activities and at the end will be fireworks. To remember the exact signification of Easter on 14 April you will see a spectacular performance of The passion of Jesus that takes place in Trafalgar Square. You can find amazing accommodation in London if you hurry up to book now and enjoy a nice time with family and friends.
  3. Another great place to spend time it’s going to be New York. There you can experience the decoration of Easter Eggs from different traditions. Also the egg hunt is very popular and numerous kids participate every year. On Sunday it’s going to take place a Easter Parade and Bonnet Festival. You can check more point of interest in New York city and do more things and make more great memories.

As you can see Easter has great and different tradition events all over the world. So you can make your family or friends a surprise with a great visit to one or those cities or others.

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