The Visa That Is Given To a Foreign Investor and Those Working For Him

The Visa known as United State E2 are those that are given to other countries that United States has treaties with. This is a Visa for individuals or companies that are investing in the United States and based on the investment they will be controlling. The E2 Visa is good for 3-months to five-years and is able to be prolonged indefinitely. This investment has to be “substantial”. Investor Visas also are available only to citizens of certain countries.

These US E2 Visas also are accessible to employees who are non-investing employees of any of these businesses, as long as that person is of the same nationality as is the investor and isintended for a position in this US located business as either executive/supervisor, manager or hasspecific skills that isvital to the well-organized operation of the United States based company.

Investor Visa

This is called the Investor Visa and is a Visa dispensed to individual who are investing in the United States. On investment, the aspirant and their family receive green cards. It is a constrained residence and entails a request technique about 2 years to remove the state on the permanent residence.

Qualified Foreign Investor

QFI or “Qualified Foreign Investor” is a sub-category of the Foreign Portfolio investor and denotes to any foreign groups, individuals, or association or resident, (FATF) or a country that is a member of a group which is a member of FAFT.

EB-5 Visa program

EB-5 is a US Visa program, created in 1990. It lets foreign investors have a United States Visa by participating in a business that will be anadvantage to the United States economy as well as create jobs. If you are a foreign investor and you satisfy the requirements below, you can apply to share in the EB-5 Visa program.


A qualified Investor definition is someone or business that meets some requirements for the purpose of purchasing security that is not offered to the general public.

E-2 Investor Visa

The E-2 Investors Visa lets any individual enter to work in the US based on an investment they will be controlling when inside the United States – this is about all that is needed to meets the criteria for this Visa. But the investment needs to be substantial.

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