Relax and unwind in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republicis aland of beauty in unimaginable contrasts. It is home to the highest and lowest point in the Caribbean. Proclaimed no less by Christopher Columbus as the most beautiful island in the world back in 1492, it remains to be a paradise with its golden and sunny coasts, mysterious and verdant valleys, imposing and magnificent mountains and warm and friendly people. It is no wonder why this island nation is slowly reaching its peak as one of the prime destinations in the Caribbean.

Whether one is up to manoeuvre his way in the hustle and bustle of El Capital or savour the tranquillity and back to basics natural façade in the rural areas, there is a sure activity to relish in any Dominican Republic resort.


After a Longhaul flight to Dominican Republic, one of the first thing on your mind is the golden sand beaches. Dominican Republic beaches is as vibrant as fascinating as that of Cancun and Miami minus the dizzying high-rise buildings and the immense crowd. When you are in this island nation, beach fun is a hassle free holiday. Punta Cana is home to the most scenic and breathtaking beaches in the country. The whole 30-mile stretch of coastline in Punta Cana is made up of unspoilt beach fun. Playa de Macao or more commonly Macao Beach is the meeting place of golden sand and pristine turquoise waters making it a popular destination. Not to be discounted are El Cotecito, Arena Gorda Beach and Bavaro Beach because of the promise of a breezy relaxing time under the sun amidst the tropical setting.

Things to Do

Snorkelling and scuba diving in the sprawling Dominican Republic beaches remains to be the top two of the most loved activities because of the multitude of marine life and kaleidoscopic corals. Despite that, the inland adventures have slowly taken shape as favourite things to do. Bird watching is a must-do especially in the time of migration during winter as flocks of colourfulbirds visit shoreline. The indigenous birds in the rainforest are hard to miss especially when you are out camping, biking, hiking or cycling. The lush vegetation in the rural areas and natural parks is perfect settings for countless masterpieces budding and professional photographers. Of course, the rich and colourful history present in every major city and museum is a sight for delight


Dominican Republic resorts are just a few steps away from shopping destinations. La Capital Santo Domingo is home to numerous shops that will tickle any shopper’s fancy. Products from local handicraft, wines, cigars and everyday necessities can be found there. However, the most interesting product may be the Lime dolls, faceless dolls or nativity dolls. They are a must-have because they can only be found and made locally – a perfect souvenir for any tourist. Mamajuana, an elixir of vitality, is another priority product on the shopping list. The district known as Colonial City is also home to major brand and outlets of from Europe, America and Asia.

Eating and Drinking

Dominican Republic food is found in abundance in the city of Santo Domingo. Savoury local dishes and equally enticing international dishes are clustered in Colonial City, Gazcue, and Malecon or uptown on 27 de Febrero Avenue. In Punta Cana, the most popular restaurant is the Outside In Bar and Restaurant. Nightlife is equally bursting with life. Open-air cafes and bars are abundant all throughout the capital city. GuacaraTaina, a multi-level disco house, is famed for its underground cave setting. Live orchestra music may also be found in Jet Set Disco.

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