Must know Differences and Benefits of Bone-in and Boneless Steaks

Open to common knowledge, steaks can be Bone-in and can be served boneless as well. Moreover, both the types are equally popular. So, if you’re someone who doesn’t know much about steaks, a steak buying guide – that can offer optimum insight on the differences and benefits of Bone-in and boneless steaks – is a must have.

Bone-in Vs Boneless Steaks

All quality restaurants like Rib N Reef serve Bone-in and boneless steaks. In order to circle back to what you should buy, you must focus on the features below.

  • Bone-in steaks are juicier than boneless steaks, unlike the popular notion. This is primarily because bones contain marrow that remains intact even if the steaks are slightly overcooked. Not to forget, bone-in steaks will retain some additional flavor because of the fluid inside the bones.
  • Boneless steaks are much tender and softer. For first, they’re easy to eat. More so, these steak types are easier to cook and can be marinated better than Bone-in ones. Lastly, they offer more variety in terms of size.

Precisely, the choice depends upon the diner more than anything and anyone else.

Types of Steak Cooking Methods

Now that you’re aware of the differences and benefits of Bone-in and boneless steaks over one and other, the other thing of importance that can make all the difference is the way in which the steak is cooked. Focus on the following 5.

  • Rare Steaks – Grilled for not more than a couple of minutes, professionally cooked rare steaks reflect a crosshatch pattern on the top. They have a greasy caramelized surface and in the inside is a still red and cold core. Also, these are the juiciest steaks of all.
  • Medium Rare Steaks – Grilled slightly more than rare steaks, these have a charred surface but the core still remains cold.  
  • Medium Steaks – Medium steaks have a caramelized and charred surface. But since they’re cooked for a few extra minutes, the core is sweet pink and slightly warm.  
  • Medium Well Steaks – The cooking method and the caramelized surface of medium well steaks stay the same, it is just the duration that’s more than the other steak types. Also, the core is warmer and pinkish.
  • Well Done Steaks – This steak type is a treat for people who prefer their steaks less juicy and more dry and thoroughly cooked.

Other than these things of relevance, you must also know that steaks can be roasted, simmered, marinated, as well as chopped.

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