London Surroundings: Interesting Places to Visit with Rental Car

Great Britain is an amazing kingdom, in which there are many beautiful and interesting cities, besides its capital. Of course, London is a wonderful city, but if you have come here for a long time, you should pay attention to other British cities.

We offer you the following interesting places that are best to visit using car rental in London.


Stone megalithic structure Stonehenge in the county of Wiltshire is listed as a World Heritage Site and is located about 130 km southwest of London.


Located to the west of London on the Avon River, Bath is the seat of the bishop, as well as the monuments of the Classicist period, listed as World Heritage. Since ancient times, Bath is famous for its healing sources as a balneological resort – generally, there are 4 of them, with an average temperature of 46 ° C.

Windsor castle

The residence of the British monarchs is located in the city of Windsor, Berkshire and is a symbol of the monarchy. Just rent a car and see the gorgeous place, where the Queen and other members of the royal family are the main guests. Its interiors are decorated with paintings by prominent state figures and works of art from the royal assembly.

The Royal Gardens and the Hampton Court Palace

Start with the labyrinth Hampton Court, created at the end of the 17th century. It is the most famous maze in the world and the largest in Europe. It represents itself a hedge of high bush. Then go to the park. Beyond the fence are ponds with birds and in the middle of the park there is a big fountain. Moreover, for 3.5 pounds you can ride through the garden in a carriage with two royal horses.

The Port Town

Whitstable is located in the county of Kent on the shores of the North Sea. If you hire a car, it is possible to reach it for about an hour and a half when driving from London. Whitstable is famous for its oyster fishery. In July, the city even hosts an annual oyster festival with various funny events. The main attraction of Whitstable is its 18th century castle. Now there is a greenhouse in the castle, and around it there is a wonderful garden where you can taste traditional English afternoon tea and scones with cream and jam.


Here you will find unusually beautiful architecture, many museums, libraries and churches, ancient bridges. In addition, there are many shops of inexpensive brands, confectioneries and cafes, several shopping centers and a market. If you walk around the city center, you can go to university colleges. In some of them, the entrance is free; some can be viewed for insignificant price.


A small town on the banks of the Thames, which is interesting not only for its university. In addition to it, there are also ancient churches, towers and, of course, world-famous pubs. The main advantage of the city is that it is only an hour’s drive from London, and you are obliged to visit it.

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